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What Professional Chefs Buy From the Frozen Section

We can hardly imagine a trip to the grocery store without a visit to the frozen section. Known for its abundance of quick and easy meals (and ice cream abound), you may think of the frozen foods section as a place reserved for at-home cooks looking for recipe shortcuts. However, even well-established chefs rely upon the frozen section for pre-cut vegetables, seasoning blends, fruit, and more. Check out these 4 food items, which are known to appeal to professional chefs.

Frozen Meat and Seafood

Store plenty of meat and seafood in your freezer, and you’ll never have to worry about being out of the primary ingredient in countless recipes. Poultry and fish are two commonly found frozen items, which are both nutritious and easy to work into your favorite meals.

Frozen Mushrooms

You’ve likely bought a frozen seasoning mix, featuring onions and peppers. But, have you ever thought about buying frozen shiitake mushrooms for flavoring and nutritional value? These mushrooms, which come loaded with Vitamin D, are great in everything from scrambled eggs to soups and stews.

Frozen Riced Vegetables

Maybe you’re experimenting with the keto diet, or perhaps, you’re just looking to consume fewer carbohydrates. Either way, riced vegetables, like cauliflower or broccoli, is a must for your freezer. Cooking with these lends your favorite meals nutritional substance, without all the carbs of rice.

Frozen Fruit

Calling all smoothie lovers! Frozen fruit is perhaps the most important thing you should have in your fridge if you like to mix up your own restaurant-quality shakes and smoothies at home. Not to mention, frozen fruit is great for sprucing up breakfast dishes, or enjoying after a meal as a nutritious dessert.

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